What is a NebrasKard?
A NebrasKard allows borrowers of participating libraries to borrow materials from other participating libraries.

How do I get a NebrasKard?
If you already have a Fairbury Public Library card all you need to do is fill out a NebrasKard form and we will put a sticker on the back of your library card indicating that you are a participant in the NebrasKard program. Those residing in the city limits of Fairbury may get a NebrasKard at no charge. Non-residents must pay the $15 per year rural card fee first before obtaining the NebrasKard sticker.

How do I use my NebrasKard at another participating library?
Simply show your Fairbury Public Library card with the NebrasKard sticker on the back to the participating library and they will help you with the rest!

Are there any restrictions to using your library with a NebrasKard from another participating library?
You cannot use the Overdrive service for downloadable audiobooks and eBooks via our library.