Loan periods and fines

All borrowers must be registered cardholders of Fairbury Public Library or have a valid Nebraskard in order to check out library materials. It is preferred that a library card be presented at the time of check out. Check out of materials may be done without presenting a library card if staff is able to verify the patron’s identity and their name is in the library’s patron database. A form of identification showing name and address may be required to be shown.  

Length of Loans:
Most items check out for two weeks.  Magazines, DVDs and video games only check out for a week.

Number of Items Loaned:
A total of 15 items may be checked out on each card. Only three Videos and DVDs are allowed per card at a time.

Holds may be placed on all items that circulate. The patron placing the hold will be notified when the item is available. The item will be held for one week after the call.

Items may be renewed by phone or in person for two additional two-week periods unless the item is on hold for another patron or the item is an inter-library loan,  in which case it must be renewed by the lending library.

Overdue Items:
We no longer charge overdue fees. However,  once items have been overdue three days or more, patrons will be notified by text message, e-mail, phone call or letter.  At that time, overdue materials will be considered lost and the patron charged for replacement cost. Checkout privileges will be suspended until the items are paid for or returned. Lost charges will be removed from patron records once an item is returned.

Damaged and Replacement Fees:
Replacement cost will be charged for items too damaged to be returned to the shelf, and for lost items. An additional $2.00 processing fee will be charged for any item that has been made lost. If an item is returned after it has been deemed lost the patron will be charged only the processing fee and any accrued fines.

If a patron loses his/her library card, a replacement may be purchased for $1.00.